GE Healthcare ECR 2023, Austria Center

Professional Work

I was hired by Art Director Semjon Bakroew to visualise his ideas for GE Healthcare’s booth at the ECR 2023 in the Austrian Center Vienna. The project reached from November to March and I spent around 140 hours on this project. As you can see in the content below, I was responsible for bringing Semjon’s and the customers ideas and wishes into 3D space, allowing for a very clear visualisiation of the event. This helped the customer see how the booth would look like months prior to the event and it also gave the opportunity to spot possible issues early on. The whole process was a very close cooperation with Semjon and I was also able to give my stylistic inputs as well. The whole project required alot of different skills and sometimes turned out to be quite challening. There was alot of modeling, lighting and camera animations required, in order to previsualize the event as good as possible. Another part of my job was to create the motion graphics for all the displays that you can see below. The actual event lasted from March 1st to 5th.